Where Did China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737 Crash Happen?

According to reports, the China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737 crashed in the Guangxi mountains.

The China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737 was on its way from Kunming to Guangzhou when it crashed and caught fire in the hills of Guangxi province.

There are no survivors, although the number of casualties and the cause of the disaster remains unknown at this time.

The last significant disaster occurred 12 years ago, and Chinese airlines have a good safety record.

According to official media, more than 600 emergency responders have arrived at the disaster site.

According to CCTV, firefighters who arrived first had already extinguished the blaze in the hills triggered by the jet crash.

Following a series of incidents in the 1990s, China’s air safety and aviation standards have greatly improved in recent years. According to the BBC’s Robin Brant in Shanghai, accidents like this one are quite rare.

At least 42 people were killed when an aircraft from Harbin to north-east Yichun went down in foggy weather in August 2010.

On its Weibo account, China Eastern has greyed out its emblem and also altered its website to black and white in an apparent expression of sadness following the disaster of Flight 214.

In addition to China Southern and Air China, the state-owned carrier is one of the country’s three major airlines.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China has also sent investigators to the area, according to the agency’s statement.

As of 13:11 local time (5:11 GMT), flight MU5735 was scheduled to arrive in Guangzhou at 15:05 and was scheduled to depart Kunming at 13:11.


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