Property developer Nick Candy has a net worth of $2 billion. Nick and his brother Christian Candy co-own Candy & Candy, a property development and design firm.

One Hyde Park in London, developed by the brothers, is one of the most expensive residential developments in the world.

They changed the name of their firm to Candy Properties in 2018 when Nick became the sole owner.

Candy & Candy was the name given to the brothers’ property development and remodeling firm in the mid-1990s.

At a cost of $122,000, they purchased their first home in London. After purchasing the house, they had no money left over for improvements, so they turned to their grandmother for a loan of $6,000 to finish the flip.

They resided in the flat and worked on the renovations in their spare time. Christian worked at Merrill Lynch and Nick worked at an advertising agency.

They sold the house for 172,000 pounds after 18 months.

Renovating little apartments in their spare time while working full-time was still a priority for them. They were able to quit their day jobs and focus solely on real estate development after a few notable achievements.

It wasn’t until Candy & Candy climbed the property development ladder that they became best recognized for developing some of London’s most high-profile and expensive homes.

Nick Candy Net Worth 2022

$2 billion

Nick Candy has a net worth of $2 billion


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