Hunter Moore is a Sacramento, California-based American with a criminal record. He was dubbed “the most despised man on the Internet” by Rolling Stone. In Woodland, California in the United States, he was born on March 9, 1986.

In 2010, Moore launched the “Is anyone up?” website. He claimed that the website’s original purpose was to promote nightlife, but it was changed to become Is Anyone Up? after he and a few friends received sexually explicit pictures from women they were at the time hooking up with. The website included graphic images and videos of non-models that were linked to their Facebook or Twitter social networking identities.

According to Moore, the website received 30 million page views per month and generated between $8,000 and $13,000 in ad income. In response to Moore’s outspoken boasting about the website, Rolling Stone and BBC News dubbed Moore “the most loathed man on the Internet” and “the Net’s most detested man,” respectively.


Hunter Moore
Hunter Moore

James McGibney, the founder of Bullyville, was awarded a $250,000 defamation judgment against Moore on March 8, 2013, after Moore allegedly referred to McGibney as a “pedophile” and threatened to rape his wife.

Where Is Hunter Moore Now?

No one has any information on where Hunter Moore is. After he was released from jail in 2017, he has kept a low profile and living his life away from social media. He has been banned from using Facebook and


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