Simon used to explain to his new partners about his “enemies” after starting up relationships and showering them with extravagant presents and romantic gestures to make them fall in love with him, according to the Netflix original.

He claimed that he had been threatened with death virtually from the start because of his business and social position, which he gradually increased by sending “evidence” of the attacks to his friends and lovers.

Simon transmitted the same recordings or photographs of a battered, wounded, and disoriented Peter in the back of an ambulance each time, claiming that his bodyguard is the reason he’s alive.

From that point forward, the fraudster began expressing security concerns, even refusing to use his own bank cards for fear of being tracked, prompting him to seek assistance from the women.

They all easily consented, assuming Simon was extremely wealthy and would be able to reimburse them whenever possible, but this was not the case. According to the documentary, he was only playing with them to fund his lifestyle and “workers.”

Where is Peter Now?

Peter Leviev, Simon Leviev’s bodyguard, has never been accused or arrested for any unlawful action linked to the Israeli hustler, indicating that he is currently an innocent man.

Although there is no information on his last name or whereabouts as of this writing, we do know that his real name is Piotr (as depicted in the film through a flight document).

As a result, he’s most likely from Central Europe, but he’s back in Israel as Simon’s bodyguard once more; at least, that’s what we’ve deduced from the latter’s social media platforms.


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