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Where is Xander Bogaerts’ Father?

Where is Xander Bogaerts’ Father?

Jan Maarten Bogaerts, Xander Bogaerts’ father, works in imports and exports in Hong Kong.

For more than 20 years, Bogaerts and the rest of the family have not seen or been in any contact with his dad.

When Xander and his twin brother Jair were three years old, Jan Maarten left his family in Aruba.

Sandra Brown, who the kids affectionately refer to as supermom, reared them and their older sister Chandra as a single mother.

Brown did everything she could to provide a home for her children, filling in any gaps left by their father.

Brown was adamant that they retain some form of relationship with their father until they became 18, so they chatted with him on special occasions like¬† Father’s Day, birthdays, Christmas but there were no visits because Maarten resided primarily in Hong Kong.

When the Red Sox won the World Series in 2013, Maarten felt driven to contact his son, but Xander, who was only 21 at the time, didn’t feel ready.

So, determined to see his kid play in person for the first time, Maarten flew to St. Louis for an 18-hour flight to witness his son win the World Series.

Maarten was always interested in what his sons were up to in baseball. When Xander and Jair signed with the Red Sox, he was aware.

He was aware when Xander was promoted to Salem, Portland, and Pawtucket after joining the Red Sox Dominican Academy in Greenville.

He followed Jair as he progressed from the Dominican Academy to the Chicago Cubs, where he was traded, and then on to a career as a sports agent. All he wanted was for them to succeed together.


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