Which Countries Are Likely to Support Russia in The War?

These are countries are that have allies and ties with Russia. If Russia invaded Ukraine, any or all of these countries would come to Putin’s aid, despite the organization’s reluctance to address domestic matters.


Iran’s backing for Russia would expand to include the Middle East. After the collapse of the Nuclear Agreement, Iran’s leadership was always looking to Russia for a response.

In the midst of escalating tensions between the United States and its allies and Iran, Russia has provided arms to Iran and worked with it during the Syrian war.

Relations between Washington and Tehran improved with the assassination of Qasem Soleimani. Moscow’s response to the incident was unequivocal.

As the United States continues to impose sanctions on Iran, it is believed that Iran will support Russia unreservedly.


Russia’s largest trading partner is China. The escalating hostilities between the West and China have led to a growing collaboration between Moscow and Beijing in recent years.

The fact that Russia and China are multidimensional partners with a wide range of collaboration from business to military to space is well-known.

In the view of China’s leadership, the United States should put aside the Cold War mentality and take Russia’s security concerns seriously. In the case of a battle, China would not hesitate to lend its support to Russia.

Soviet Union

Former Soviet Union countries such as Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan will support Russia in this fight.





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