Brian Snitker is a Major League Baseball manager for the Atlanta Braves in the United States. Brian Snitker is a former member of the University of New Orleans’ New Orleans Privateers baseball team.

Brian Snitker was a player with the Atlanta Braves from 1977 until 1980 when he retired to become a rowing teacher for the team. Following his time as a rowing coach, Brian Snitker worked with the Atlanta Braves in a variety of capacities before being named manager in 2016.

Meet Troy Michael Snitker and Troy Snitker; Children of Brian Snitker

Troy Michael Braves and Troy Braves are the children of Brian Snitker and his wife Veronica Ronnie.

Troy Braves, Brian Snitker’s son, is a Major League Baseball (MLB) coach with the Houston Astros.

Troy Snitker attended Brookwood High School St. George State and North George College, where he played baseball. In the 19th round of the 2011 MLB Draft, the Atlanta Braves selected Troy.

Troy later signed with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2013, but due to a concussion, he retired in 2014. Troy Michael Braves and Troy Braves are the names of Brian Snitker’s two sons.

Snitker also played American Legion Baseball as a kid, which he described as “giving me the platform to be seen since there are usually scouts at American Legion games” in a 2018 interview. It had a significant role in my growth as a player and in preparing me for a professional future.


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