Carolina Panthers; an American professional football team in North Carolina. The franchise for the club was in 1993 but officially began to play in1995. Over the years, they have enjoyed some good as well as bad days.

A perfect picture is when they played well in their first 2 years of existence eventually winning the NFC West in their second year. A perfect period for their bad days was when they couldn’t have any winning season after their first 2 years till 2003.

All this while, the team’s coaching staffing were the brains behind them. Basically, if a team wins a season then the coaching staff are performing well because they have been able to guide the players in whatever way possible to bring about victory. Currently, the Panthers are 4th in NFC South.

Who are the Carolina Panthers Coaching Staff?

The Panthers have a solid coaching staff ever-ready and available to help prepare them for victory. Here is a list of the Carolina Panthers coaching staff;

Name                                                                                          Position

  • Matt Rhule                                                                         Head Coach
  • Joe Brady(No more available)                                             Offensive Coordinator
  • Brian Angelichio                                                                 Offensive Tight End
  • Frisman Jackson                                                                   Offensive Pass Game Coord./Wide Receivers
  • Matt Lombardi                                                                       Assistant Quarterbacks (Offensive)
  • Jeff Nixon                                                                              Senior Offensive Assistant/ Running Backs
  • Sean Ryan                                                                             Quarter Backs
  • Tony Sparano  Jnr.                                                                  Assistant Offensive Line
  • Phil Snow                                                                               Defensive Coordinator
  • Evan Cooper                                                                         Cornerbacks/Director of Player Evaluation
  • Kelvin M. Gilbride                                                                 Defensive Analyst
  • Al Holcomb                                                                               Defensive Run Game Coordinator
  • Don Johnson                                                                           Pass Rush Specialist
  • Jason Simmons                                                                     Defensive Pass Game Coordinator/Secondary
  • Mike Siravo                                                                          Senior Defensive Assistant/Linebackers
  • Ed Foley                                                                              Assistant Special Teams
  • Matthew “Los” Delgado                                                    Assistant to Head Coach
  • Rob Dvoracek                                                                    Coaching Assistant
  • Morgan Fleming                                                               Executive Assistant
  • Terrance Knighton                                                               Coaching Assistant
  • Garret Maguire                                                                    Coaching Assistant
  • Grant Udinski                                                                        Coaching Assistant
  • Cedric Whitaker                                                                    Coaching Assistant
  • Jeremy Scott                                                                        Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Thomas Barbeau                                                                 Strength and Conditioning Assistant

Currently, the team is without an offensive coordinator, defensive line coach, offensive line coach, and special teams coordinator.


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