The New England Patriots are an American professional football team based in the Greater Boston area. Found in the year 1959, as Boston Patriots, they were initially members of the American Football League. Later on, the team joined the NFL through the AFL-NFL merger. They are one of the two teams to receive fans’ support from multiple states.

They currently are 2nd in the AFC East. Also, the Patriots hold a record aside from the Pittsburgh Steelers for being one of the clubs with mot wins in Super Bowl. All these wins are be attributed to the players but it is important to note that a coaching team groomed them to get this far.

Who are New England Patriots Coaching Staff?

A team is always made of players and people who can help, counsel and admonish what to do to achieve success. Below is a list of the Patriots Coaching Staff;

Name                                                                                                     Position

  • Bill Belichick                                                            Head Coach
  • Josh McDaniels                                                      Offensive Coordinator/ Quarterbacks
  • Ivan Fears                                                                Running Backs
  • Vinnie Sunseri                                                        Running Backs
  • Troy Brown                                                              Wide Receivers / Kick Returners
  • Nick Caley                                                                Tight Ends/ Full backs
  • Cole Popovich                                                          Offensive line
  • Carmen Bricillo                                                          Offensive Line
  • Mick Lombardi                                                             Receivers
  • Bo Hardegree                                                            Quality Control/ Quarter backs
  • Billy Yates                                                                  Assistant Offensive Line
  • Demarcus Covington                                                 Defensive Line
  • Jerod Mayo                                                                 Inside Linebackers
  • Steve Belichick                                                            Outside Linebackers
  • Brian Belichick                                                            Safeties
  • Mike Pellegrino                                                          Cornerbacks
  • Ross Douglas                                                              NFL Coaching Fellowship/ Defense
  • Cameron Achord                                                       Special Teams Coordinator
  • Joe Houston                                                               Special Teams Assistant
  • Moses Cabrera                                                          Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Deron Mayo                                                              Strength and Conditioning Assistant
  • Matt Patricia                                                                Senior Football Advisor
  • Tyler  Hughes                                                              Offensive Assistant Coach
  • Evan Rothstein                                                            Research and Analysis/ Coaching

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