Who did Jesse Palmer end up with on The Bachelor?

Who did Jesse Palmer end up with on The Bachelor?

Jesse Palmer ended up with  Jessica Bowlin in season 5 of The Bachelor.

Jesse was the season 5 Bachelor in 2004, and he was a former NFL player from Toronto, Ontario. Jesse is the youngest Bachelor in Bachelor Nation history, at 25 years old.

He was also the first Bachelor leader who was not an American. Jesse picked Jessica, a student from Huntington Beach, California, as his winner in The Bachelor season 5 finale. A month after their finale aired, the two parted up.

In May of 2004, The Bachelor season 5 came to a close. Jessica was 22 and Jesse was 25 years old at the time.

Jesse did not propose to Jessica and they did not get engaged, despite the fact that he handed her his Final Rose.

Instead, Jesse’s Bachelor finale ended with him offering Jessica a plane ticket to visit him in New York City, where he was residing at the time.

Their relationship will go down in Bachelor history as one of the shortest. One month after the finale aired, the show came to an end.

“We simply concluded that our future steps, individually, led us in separate paths,” Jesse said at the time. Jesse’s next moves took him in a number of different directions.



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