Virginia Louise Giuffre (née Roberts; born August 9, 1983) is an American-Australian campaigner who supports sex trafficking victims and was a victim of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking operation.

Victims Refuse Silence, a non-profit located in the United States, was founded by Giuffre in 2015. Many American and British journalists have interviewed her about her alleged experiences of being trafficked by Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Who Else Did Virginia Giuffre Sleep With?

Prince Andrew allegedly slept with Virginia Giuffre.

Giuffre revealed in an interview in 2001 that she was allegedly trafficked to Prince Andrew “I couldn’t grasp how powerful individuals at the highest level of the government were letting this to happen,” she said, adding that it was a “wicked” and “very scary moment” in her life. Not merely permitting it, but also taking part in it “..

Giuffre claims that after visiting a nightclub, Maxwell informed her that she “had to do for Andrew what I do for Jeffrey.”

Giuffre named several others in court documents from a civil suit that were released from the seal in 2019, including hedge fund manager Glenn Dubin, attorney Alan Dershowitz, politician Bill Richardson, the late MIT scientist Marvin Minsky, lawyer George J. Mitchell, and MC2 modeling agent Jean-Luc Brunel, whom she claims Epstein and Maxwell instructed her to have intimacy with.

Giuffre also described seeing President Bill Clinton with two young ladies while on Epstein’s island in an unsealed deposition.  Several of the males refuted Giuffre’s claims.


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