Lamar Hunt is one of the greatest personalities in the American Football League. He was born on August 2nd, 1932 in El Dorado, Akansas, and died on December 13th, 2006 in Dallas, Texas.

Lamar had his high school education at Hill College and proceeded to further his education at Southern Methodist University in 1956, where he obtained a B.Sc. in Geology.

Like other geniuses in the American Football League, he also developed a keen interest in sports at a young age. He moved up the ladder in football to a higher position.

Lamar Hunt was appointed to the boards of directors of the Dallas Texans, Dallas Tomado, Colombus Crew, and Kansas City Wizards.He became the founder of the Kansas City Chiefs and led the team to achieve a lot.

Even before becoming the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, he was inducted into the Pro-Football Hall of Fame, the National Soccer Hall of Fame, and others as well. In fact, his death was a horrific one, as he was the man behind the emergence of the American Football League.


About the Kansas City Chiefs

Lamar Hunt founded the franchise in 1959 and became the founder of the Kansas City Chiefs.

He had a goal of expanding the National Football League. As a result, he made attempts to see that to its effect, but all efforts proved futile.

He had the brilliant idea of creating the American Football League. But he couldn’t do it alone, so he had to enter into partnerships with other sports enthusiasts like Bud Adam’s and co. This partnership led to some gains as they were able to bring forth the American Football League.

In an attempt to bring the AFL to Dallas, Texas, he made his team, the Dallas Texans, play with the Dallas Cowboys, a new team. In 1963, he moved the team to Kansas City, where he renamed the team the Kansas City Chiefs.

During his time as the founder, he made a lot of achievements. During his time, the team won four NFL championships and one Super Bowl. Aside from that, the team won 19 AFL West titles after he successfully merged the AFL and NFL.

This genius will forever be remembered in the history of American football because he achieved great achievements and left an indelible mark.


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