Who has Louie Simmons Trained? Why Louie Simmons Invented the Belt Squat

The reverse hyper and belt squat machines were designed by Simmons, the founder of Columbus, Ohio’s renowned Westside Barbell gym.

With the use of chains and bands, he invented conjugate training, which became popularized as the Westside Barbell Conjugate Method, or just conjugate training.

Simmons was a talented athlete in his own right. When he competed in Open Powerlifting, he was active from 1979 until 2012. Equipment powerlifting, where shirts and suits can be worn, was Simmons’ primary sport.

Who has Louie Simmons Trained?

Chuck Vogelphol, EliteFTS founder Dave Tate, Jim Wendler, and J.M. Blakely are just a few of the famous and outstanding competitors Simmons has trained.

Why Louie Simmons Invented the Belt Squat

After injuring his back in the mid-70s and being unable to squat, Louie Simmons devised the apparatus, according to legend.

He brought us the Westside Barbell-famous belt squat machine through some inventiveness.

The hip belt squat places more attention on the legs and less on the spine by reducing the pressure from the shoulders and upper trapezius.

Lower trunk extension moments, free of axial loading, allow us to load the lower body regardless of any upper- or lower-limb limitations, which is why it was originally designed for powerlifters with blown backs.

Even a hands-free safety bar squat caused pain or discomfort for fighters who had hurt their upper bodies, particularly their shoulders, and I’ve employed these variations with them.

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