Who Was Kaitlin Reagan’s Ex Boyfriend?

Who Was Kaitlin Reagan’s Ex-Boyfriend?

Kaitlin Reagan is said to be a social media personality as well as a Tik Tok star who is known for her video with partner Francesco LoPresti.

Francesco LoPresti was said to have died at the age of 24 after a long battle with stage four testicular cancer which he had contracted.

Francesco was known for partaking in prank videos with his longtime girlfriend Kaitlin on her social media accounts.

Francesco was diagnosed with stage 3B testicular cancer at the age of 17, which [had] metastasized into multiple tumours surrounding his lymph nodes, neck, liver, spinal cord and right hip.

He is said to have endured numerous surgeries and radiation treatments and was on his second round of chemo

According to reports, Francesco’s girlfriend took to her social media handle to solicit prayers for Francesco as she revealed that her boyfriend was in a very crucial stage.

Taking to social media she wrote saying;

“I love you guys, and I ask you keep him in your prayers.  “We are in a hospice stage. Please stand with us, and pray. Thank you so much.”

Francesco was said to have been a very lively person who unfortunately passed away at the age of 24 years.

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