Who is Anderson’s Cooper’s Wife Benjamin Maisani?

Maisani was born in Corsica, France, on January 27, 1973.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in arts from Hunter College.

Maisani decided to create his own bar, which he named “Eastern Bloc,” after serving at one.

In this bar, he formed friendships with the rich and famous, including Andy Cohen, who frequented the establishment on a regular basis.

Maisani’s net worth is now estimated to be $8 million. Maisani is a successful businessman with a lot of buildings and nightclubs under his belt.

The couple began dating in 2009 and remained together for nine years before announcing their separation in December of 2018.

Their relationship was just made public in 2015, despite the fact that they had been dating since 2009.

Cooper had taken at least five visits to Dallas, where he had been spending time with doctor Victor Lopez, and they had called it quits.

“Benjamin and I parted as boyfriends some time ago,” Cooper told ET online at the time of the split. “We are still family to one other, and love each other very dearly.”

The duo reportedly stayed in touch and were close friends after their split.

Cooper made the announcement on Anderson Cooper 360 after the couple welcomed their second kid together.


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