Archie Eversole was an American hip hop recording artist based in Atlanta, Georgia best known for his 2002 single “We Ready”.

Archie Eversole

Due to his eight-month incarceration on a charge of simple assault, Eversole’s own album was postponed.

Eversole wrote a lot while incarcerated, and as soon as he was released, the 17-year-old rapper started working on his debut album.

Eversole’s parents were not rappers, but they were both in the US military, with his father serving in the navy and his mother in the army, and they were both stationed in Germany.

Eversole was raised in Atlanta’s College Park neighborhood after his parents returned to the United States.

According to reports, Eversole claims that he and his parents have never gotten along. He appeared to get along with his brothers, who were the ones who encouraged him to begin rapping.

Tupac Shakur and West Coast gangsta rappers like Dr. Dre, N.W.A., and Above the Law influenced his lyrics.

Who is Archie Eversole’s Brother: Why Was Archie Eversole Shot by the Brother?

Detectives identified Eversole’s brother, Alexander Kraus, as the gunman who allegedly shot Eversole. Kraus was first detained on suspicion of severe assault. After the performer died, the suspicions escalated to murder.


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