Lucky the Leprechaun has been the mascot of the Boston Celtics for over 50 years! Lucky isn’t your regular leprechaun; he enjoys performing acrobatic dunks and daring feats for Celtics fans at the Garden.

Lucky feels that his enthusiasm for rooting for his favorite team keeps him young. Lucky may be found at every Celtics home game, but in the meanwhile, here are some amusing facts about the world’s most famous Leprechaun!


Lucky the Leprechaun’s Favorite Basketball Players:

Anyone who is dressed in green and white!


Does Lucky the Leprechaun have a favorite number?

Yes, he has a favorite number.

According to him, The Celtics are going to win the next World Championship with the number 18!


Lucky the Leprechaun’s Favorite Dunks:

The front somersault, the 360 between the legs, the Statue of Liberty, and a slew of more tricks!


Lucky the Leprechaun’s favorite foods include:

Pizza with green peppers and Lucky Charms.


Who are his best friends

Celtics Dancers, Celtics Green Team, NBA mascots, and Celtics fans throughout the world.


Does Lucky the Leprechaun have a favorite book?

“Yes, I have a favorite book.” “Green Eggs & Ham.”


Lucky the Leprechaun’s Favorite Holiday:

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17th. It is Lucky the Leprechaun’s favorite holiday.


His Favorite Color:

Of course, Celtics Green!


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