Who is Eddie George? Meet Eddie George’s Wife And Children

Eddie George is a former British economist, and banker. George whose original name was Edward George Johnathan was determined to be a footballer from an early age and he fulfilled his ambition by becoming a trainee with Arsenal FC, but he was not good enough to take the club forward into a new era of success.

He had begun his studies at the London School of Economics in 1956 and became interested in economics while there. After graduating, he joined the Home Office in 1962, working in the new Chief Economist’s Department, before leaving for the Bank of England in 1965; as well as being its chief economist until 1993.

He became deputy governor in 1977 and subsequently governor upon the resignation of Sir Robin Leigh-Pemberton in 1993.

Steady Eddie George was one of the most influential figures in UK economics in the second half of the 20th century and into the 21st. As governor of the BOE, he steered monetary policy to deliver low inflation and a successful economy for over a decade.

Though not the first to achieve this, his policy was widely acclaimed to provide the model for other countries. He was an early adaptor of new technologies, notably electronic banking, that was key to maintaining Britain’s competitiveness in a global financial market.

Educational Background And Football Career

Eddie George is currently the head coach of Tennessee State University’s football team, who has won six Ohio Valley Conference Championships. Prior to this, he was an analyst on Friday Night Fights on HBO and NBC as well as a studio analyst for NBC Sunday Night Football, ESPN College Football, and ABC Sports.

George played college football for Ohio State, where he earned the Heisman trophy in 1995 and became a first-team All-American. He then went on to play professionally in the National Football League for ten years with the Tennessee Titans.


Eddie George always has been more than just a football player. In his 10 years as a running back in the NFL, he was twice named first-team All-Pro by The Associated Press and helped lead the Tennessee Titans to two Super Bowls.

Off the field, he earned an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and created ECG Sports Enterprises to help athletes transition from their playing career into corporate America.

Eddie George’s Marital Life

He is married to Tamara “Taj” George, Eddie and Tamara George live in Nashville, Tennessee. Eddie has three children; a son, Khalil (born 5 August 1995), and two daughters, Erin Elizabeth (born 1 July 1997), and Ella Grace (born 10 September 1999). His son Khalil plays wide receiver for the University of Kentucky Wildcats Football Team.

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