Who is G Flip

The Australian artist G Flip, 27, is a non-binary person who went from busting beats in their bedroom to being a rising sensation in a short period of time.

Their father exposed them to the Clash and Green Day, while their mother favoured pop and R&B. With the help of their uncle, Flipo started playing the drums at age nine.


G flip

Their musical interests ranged from metal to reggae artists. Jenny Rose Morrish, their high school drum teacher, helped Flipo get into Box Hill Institute, where they majored in drums and got a Bachelor of Music.

Flipo set out to achieve their teacher’s ambition of visiting America after Morrish died of cancer in 2015. They joined EMPRA as drummers and backup vocalists and toured the States with them.

Flipo devoted themselves to crafting their own music when EMPRA split in late 2016. They spent much of 2017 using online lessons to improve their production and voice abilities. In tribute to Morrish,

they also developed an audiovisual screen for their kick drum head, which they titled the Je Re Mo. Flipo taught drum and guitar lessons to schoolchildren in their studio space while they weren’t working on their songs.

How he Became So Famous

The passionate, anthemic pop singer has swiftly earned international notoriety since joining with independent record label Future Classic in 2018 and releasing their first single “About You” that same year.

Georgia Flipo, from Melbourne, creates emotional, anthemic synth-pop. They improved their sound on next year’s full-length About Us and ARIA-nominated Top Ten smash in their home Australia, after receiving recognition with their first song “About You.”

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