Orbit is the official Mascot for the Houston Astros from 1990 to 1999 until his replacement in 2000.

Houston Astros mascot Orbit is a lime-green extraterrestrial in an Astros jersey with antennas that expand into baseballs. From the 1990s through the 1999 seasons, Orbit served as the team’s mascot. In the 2000 season, with the team’s relocation from the Astrodome to Enron Field, Junction Jack served as the new mascot.

Astros’ new design for their 2013 debut in the American League was unveiled on November 2, 2012, and Orbit was once again in attendance to celebrate. The name Orbit is a tribute to Houston’s ties to NASA and its moniker, Space City.

Orbit was removed from game by umpire Gary Darling after he argued balls and strikes with the players.
When the Seattle Mariners hosted “Turn Ahead the Clock” event in 1998, Orbit made cameo as “Marty the Mariner Martian.”
There was a Facebook page named “Bring Back Orbit” set up on April 13th, 2010, with intentions of getting back the Houston Astros mascot. The Astros announced on November 2, 2012, that Orbit will return as the team’s mascot for the 2013 season following a 12-year sabbatical.
After the Astros won the World Series on November 3, 2017, Orbit was an enthusiastic participant in the festivities in Houston. As part of a team-promoted anti-bullying initiative and to promote the significance of baseball, he visits schools in Houston. He can be seen in the team’s main or alternative home uniforms, as well as the team’s original 1970s home outfits, with the team’s hat. In 2019, he wore the outfits he and the squad wore in the 1990s once again.

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