Tony Lee Dow is a sculptor, film producer, director, and actor who was born in the United States. His performance as the title character in the long-running television sitcom Leave It to Beaver, which aired from 1957 through 1963, is mostly responsible for his widespread fame.

Wally Cleaver, played by Dow, was the oldest son of June and Ward Cleaver and the brother of Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver. June and Ward Cleaver were the parents of Dow’s character. Dow has performed his part as Wally in both a television movie and an episode of The New Leave It to Beaver over the years 1983–1989.

William Dow was an American actor who achieved widespread renown for his performance as Wally Cleaver in the television series Leave It to Beaver, which aired in 1950s.

In addition, he had guest starring roles on television shows Dr Kildare, The Greatest Show on Earth, Never Too Young, and Mr Novak.

He worked in the construction sector during the 1960s and 1970s while also pursuing his education in journalism and cinematography.

In 1987, he was presented with the Former Child Star Lifetime Achievement Award by the Young Artist Foundation. This award was bestowed upon him.


Tony Dow’s “Wife”

The American mosaic artist Lauren Shulkind is 75 years old at this point in her career. 1947 marks the year of her birth in New York City.

She is one of three children and spent her formative years alongside her two siblings. In 1978, she was in Kansas City, and that’s where she first met the actor who would become her husband.

They didn’t get married until June 16th, 1980. Tony Dow is married to Lauren, his second wife.

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