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Who Is Ortencia Alcantara? Did Nurse Ortencia Alcantara Kill Kevin Samuels?

Who Is Ortencia Alcantara? Did Nurse Ortencia Alcantara Kill Kevin Samuels?

Ortencia Alcantara is a registered nurse who faced a tragic situation that everyone dreads when they have to have a sleepover.

Prior to a sudden turn in life situation, Ortencia was known to be just like any one of us on social media most especially on Instagram. She shared some parts of her daily life there. Followers described her as just a regular fun-loving girl. It is believed that she is of Mexican descent.

Ortencia Alcantara

Ortencia met a man on the night of May 5, 2022. It is not known if she had had any romantic relationship with this man days before this meeting up but Ortencia would end the night up in his apartment and spend the rest of the nights there with him.

In the morning of the next day, May 6th, Ortencia made a distress call to 911 to report an injured person. Protocols necessary were observed. Members from the Atlanta fire department and other emergency agencies were present including police officers from the Atlanta Police department. It was later confirmed that the injured man was Kevin Samuels. A controversies relationship Councillor on YouTube who is assumed to be a perpetrator of toxic and misogynistic ideologies  Ortencia claims that Samuels had complained of chest pain and as a nurse, she tried to give him some help. However, he fell on her in the process. Kevin Samuels was rushed to the Piedmont Hospital but died.

Kevin Samuels and Ortencia Alcantara

Did Ortencia Alcantara Kill Kevin Samuels?

Medical examiners from the hospital have reported that from their autopsy so far, Kevin died from cardiac arrest.¬† However, following how much a section of social media fans despised Kevin Samuels for his ways and advice, it is being speculated that Ortencia may have killed Kevin. Recently Kevin Samuels had taken a swipe at women although his advice seems to always be based on shaming black women. He said women 35years and older were leftovers. Something that hasn’t sunk too well with many people both men and women alike

Investigations are still underway and it is not certain yet that nurse Ortencia Alcantara killed Kevin Samuels. Alcantara has since changed her Instagram account to a private one as she is being accused by Kevin’s followers of killing “their favorite “social media personality.

Days ahead will give us the right answer and closure to this tragic case. Until then we can not say Ortencia killed Kevin, after all, they say “innocent until proven guilty”.

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