What Happened Between Ortencia Alcantara and Kevin Samuels?

So we’ve had some fun moments and romantic ones.  We’ve done stayovers and all that. Have you ever wondered what the worst stay overnight could ever be? And have you wondered what or how you will feel? Here is an article to tickle your possible worst fears over a night’s sleepover.

This article is about a sleepover gone wrong. It’s about two individuals who met the night before and the next day there were just one of the two people left but what happened?. Let me tell you.

Ortencia Alcantara.

Not much is known about Ortencia  Alcantarabit it is a fact from her Instagram account that she is a registered nurse. She claims to have met a man by the name of Kevin Samuels a day before and had spent the night with him. Her Instagram account was made private limiting information about her life and as at now, all we know is that she was the registered nurse who had a night none of us would ever dread having.

Ortencia Alcantara

Kevin Samuels

Kevin Samuels unlike Ortencia is a 56-year-old popular YouTuber who is identified as giving relationship and other lifestyle advice to his fans and followers. He is identified as controversial and best known for his offensive but popular relationship advice.

Kevin Samuels

Recently he took a swipe at women aged 35years and older who were still single calling them leftovers and advising them to know they’d be sharing a man if they ever get one. Since he started YouTubing in October 2015, He has earned 1.4 million subscribers and over 1.2 million Instagram followers, and all this was largely thanks to controversial views many people deem misogynistic and possibly toxic.

He was a single divorcee as it is reported that he married twice but has since divorced them respectively.

What Happened Between Ortencia Alcantara and Kevin Samuels?

News spread like fire..and now thanks to social media the fire in this spread are highly untamed. A mother of a 56year old man would have to know about her son’s death in such an official manner as hearing it from Twitter posts.

The mother of Kevin Samuels known as Beverly Samuels-Burch said she heard about her son’s demise from the Internet. This is what led to his demise.

It is widely reported that Ortencia Alcantara and Kevin Samuels had crossed paths the night before his death and possibly has some good chitchat so much of a good one that Ortencia would agree to spend the night at Kevin’s apartment. Cool, simple and normal right?. Well here’s the scary part.

On 5th May, the Atlantic Police department said they received a distress call from a lady to an apartment regarding an injured person. This lady identified herself as a nurse. They would then arrive at the apartment to meet members from the fire department and other responders performing CPR(Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) on a gentleman who would later be identified as Kevin Samuels.

It is also reported that Ortencia is noted to have claimed she was true with Kevin and she had made the call.

Apparently the morning of Kevin’s death, he complained of chest pains, and as a nurse, Ortencia sort to help out but in the process, Kevin fall on her”body”. She however managed to call 911 for help and asked that they come along with a defibrillator to keep Kevin alive. Kevin was then sent to the Piedmont Hospital where Medical examiners are performing an autopsy. Yes, Kevin died, the defibrillator did not help. As of now, it has been pinned that Kevin died of a cardiac arrest further investigations are being done.

Kevin’s death has since divided American Twitter space into two those in cheer for his death and those caught up with all the emotions that come with death.

For team cheers to death, one person wrote on his Twitter handle: “All I can say about Kevin Samuels is if you spend your time disrespecting people in life, don’t be surprised at people disrespecting you in death. No matter how cruel it may be, the legacy you leave behind will be known by the fruit you bore while you were here.”

Another tweeted: “Kevin Samuels made a career off of bashing women and upholding oppressive gender standards and y’all want us to take the high road when we find out he passed away.”

Kevin’s mother has since asked that her family during this time of sorrow be prayed for. His funeral is also likely to be held soon in Oklahoma.


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