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Ortensia Alcantara is known to be the Mexican girlfriend of controversial YouTube activist Kevin Samuels. Ortensia is known to be a nurse who was with Kevin Samuels when he passed away. Reports that came in after Kevin’s mom Beverly Samuels-Burch confirmed her son’s death indicate that Samuels suffered a heart attack after spending the previous night with Ortencia Alcantara.

According to the story which the nurse Alcantara relayed, Kevin complained to her about a chest pain after which she made a call to 911. But before their untimely arrival, Kevin collapsed on top of Ortencia and was pronounced unresponsive when the cops arrived. He was pronounced dead at Piedmont Atlanta Hospital.

On her Instagram page, Ortencia Alcantara expressed her displeasure as Americans continue to accuse her of killing the YouTube star Kevin Samuels. She decided to log out of Instagram due to the traumatic insults she has been receiving over the past few weeks. As it stands now there is no definitive cause of death of the YouTuber.

The first conspiracy says he died of a heart attack after drinking Red Bull. Another theory says he died whiles having sex with his Latina girlfriend Ortensia Alcantara.

Ortencia Alcantara
Ortencia Alcantara

Ortencia Alcantara Real Age

Ortensia Alcantara is expected to be in her middle 20s.

Ortencia Alcantara Career

Ortencia Alcantara is a nurse by profession.

Ortencia Alcantara Kevin Samuels Death

YOUTUBER Kevin Samuels was said to have spent his final night with nurse Ortencia Alcantara before passing away the next day. According to the reports he collapsed on her.

Ortencia Alcantara Net Worth

The net worth of Ortencia is estimated to be 1 to 5 million dollars.


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