Is Ortencia Alcantara Married? Who Is Ortencia Alcantara Husband?

Ortencia Alcantara and Kenvin Samuel

There’s a new internet debate over Ortencia Alcantara and Kevin Samuels’ relationship. A popular YouTuber known for his controversial love advice, Kevin, has died, according to his mother, according to the news.

The American air hostess’s relationship with Kevin Samuels has been widely publicized in the United States following their memorable encounter before his death.

Kevin Samuel and Ortencia Alcantara
Kevin Samuel and Ortencia Alcantara

Internet users were divided after Dailymail reported the story, with some suspecting she knew about the YouTuber’s death while others simply wanted to know what really happened.

An Atlanta condominium called 911 on May 6, 2022, and Georgia police responded. Firefighters were performing CPR on Samuels, who was noted in the police report when they witnessed the scene.

Kevin Samuels’ death has been attributed to chest trouble for the time being. Nothing but his chest pain connects his death to the underlying cause.

After that, Piedmont Hospital was contacted to take Samuels into their care. As soon as Kevin “complained of chest difficulties,” Alcantara rushed him to the hospital where he died.

When contacted on Friday, the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office indicated that it could neither confirm nor deny any information.

Is Ortencia Alcantara Married?

It’s unclear if Ortencia Alcantara is married. There are no records of her previous engagement.

Who Is Ortencia Alcantara Husband?

It was alleged that nurse Ortencia Alcantara was in a relationship with the late Kevin Samuel, however, the two never confirmed or debunk it.

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