In the Kansas City Chiefs playing squad, Patrick Lavon Mahomes II is an American quarterback in the National Football League (NFL). He is the son of former Major League Baseball (MLB) pitcher Pat Mahomes, who initially played college football and college baseball at Texas Tech University.

Mahomes is arguably the best quarterback ever throughout the entire existence of the Kansas City Chiefs. Preceding joining the Chiefs, he played school football and school baseball at Texas Tech University. Following his sophomore year, he quit baseball to zero in exclusively on football.

The 26-year-old joined the Chiefs in 2017 and was the 10th by and large determination by the group. In 2018, Mahomes was named the starter after the Chiefs exchanged Smith to the Washington Redskins.

Who Is Patrick Mahomes’ Child?

Sterling Skye Mahomes is the first child of Patrick Mahomes. Brittany Matthews, the fiancée of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes gave birth to Sterling Skye Mahomes on February 22, 2021.

How old is Sterling Skye Mahomes?

Sterling Skye Mahomes is only eleven (11) months old.


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