Are you a die-hard football fan from Las Vegas? Then take a look at this list of Raiders quarterbacks from Las Vegas (or Los Angeles, or Oakland)! It features every starting quarterback in the history of the Las Vegas Raiders, both current and former quarterbacks.

This squad has a slew of American football greats, including some of the league’s highest-rated players. The quarterback is the offensive team’s leader and is frequently the one who calls the plays.

Despite the fact that most teams now have an offensive coordinator, quarterbacks still need to understand the rules regarding trick plays and tactics.

A quarterback’s performance is only as good as his receivers, therefore rigorous training is essential.

The top Raiders quarterbacks include Super Bowl champions Ken Stabler and Jim Plunkett, as well as Rich Gannon, Derek Carr, Dary Lamonica, and Jeff Hostetler, among many more NFL legends.

Who is the best Las Vegas Raiders Quarterback of all time?

Ken Stabler

Stabler was the first quarterback to win 100 games as a starter, doing it in 150 games, eclipsing Johnny Unitas’ previous high of 153 games. Only Terry Bradshaw (147 games), Joe Montana (139 games), and Tom Brady (131 games) have won 100 games faster since then.

Stabler and several other NFL stalwarts agreed to join the newly formed World Football League in early 1974. He agreed to play with the Birmingham Americans after signing a contract.

“I’m as content as I can be. Getting a job with a great company and the financial perks were important, but getting back home is the most important thing to me.

It’s all about getting to play in front of the people in the South for me. If I have to hitchhike, I’ll be in Birmingham in two years “he stated “I’ll feel like I’ve accomplished something if I can do for the WFL what Joe Namath did for the AFL.

I was born and reared in the South, and I played football there as well. Oakland could have offered me the same amount of money as Birmingham, but they wouldn’t have let me play in the South.

“Stabler remained in the NFL after the WFL disbanded midway through the 1975 season, despite never having played in the WFL.

List Of 10 All Best Quarterbacks in Las Vegas Raiders History

  1. Ken Stabler
  2. Jim Plunkett
  3. Rich Gannon
  4. Derek Carr
  5. Tom Flores
  6. Daryle Lamonica
  7. George Blanda
  8. Jeff Hostetler
  9. Marques Tuiasosopo
  10. Jason Campbell

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