Pitching is one thing that most people tag as being easy in baseball since it’s mostly about throwing the ball, hoping the hitter doesn’t make good contact, getting it back, and repeating the same procedure.

Chicago White Sox has most of its achievement coming from the Pitchers mold as most of their great moments began with the pitchers and ended with them.

Mufcarena.com brings to its readers today the best pitcher for the Chicago white sox even tho there have been some big names who have contributed their quota and done extremely well in their field of play.

According to reports, the Chicago white sox are the baseball team with the most dominating pitchers in the history of the game.


The Chicago white sox have many great pitchers who have helped the team in so many ways with some of them being; Mark Buehrle, Billy Pierce, Ted Lyons amongst many others.

The greatest picture for the franchise team happens to be Billy pierce who is nicknamed “Billy the Kid”  was a consistent pitcher as you could get in the 1950s. He had nine seasons with 14+ victories for the South Siders.

Billy had a major part to play in the Chicago white sox’s 1959 American League  Champion team as he was a seven-time All-Star.

Billy Perce played with the Chicago white sox from 1949-1961


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