What Are The Nicknames Of Chicago White Sox? Why Are Chicago White Sox Called By These Nicknames?


The Chicago white sox is an American professional baseball team based in Chicago with some of its nicknames been; The Sox, The Chi Sox, The South Siders, The Pale Hose

The Chicago white sox are owned by Jerry Reindorf and currently compete in the  Major League Baseball (MLB) as a member club of the American League (AL) Central division as it also happens to be one of the two teams to MLB teams which happens to be in Chicago.

The team is headed by Rick Hahn and also managed by Tony La Russa. The team since its inception as has joined itself to major likes like the American League as well as the central division.

According to reports, the team has won 6 AL pennants titles to its credit.

What Are The Nicknames Of Chicago White Sox?

The Chicago white sox have numerous nicknames by which they are called with some of them being;

  • The Sox,
  • The Chi Sox
  • The South Siders
  • The Pale Hose
  • White Stockings
  1. The Sox- The team is known as “The Sox”  which happens to be the shorter version of the team’s name which is the White Sox
  2. The Chisox- The nickname Chisox happens to be a nickname which is the combination of the word Chicago and also Sox
  3. The South Siders- The nickname south siders is a tag to show that the team is situated on the southern side of Chicago
  4. White Stockings- The nickname white stockings actually happens to be the former name of the “white sox”

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