Who is the Chicago White Sox Mascot?

The Chicago White Sox’s official mascot is Southpaw.

For the Chicago White Sox, Southpaw serves as their mascot. He wears a black hat, a white jersey with pinwheel buttons, white slacks, and black shoes with pinwheel embellishments. The Red Sox won the 2005 World Series the year before Southpaw joined the team.

Southpaw made his MLB debut on June 13, 2004, according to the Mascot Hall of Fame website. He even attended Barack Obama’s inauguration as president in 2009.

Before Southpaw, the White Sox had a lot of bad mascots. From 1960 through 1990, Andy the Clown, or Andrew Rozdilsky Jr., played in Comiskey Park in Chicago. He was the youngest of seven children, participated in the military during World War II, and became the most renowned clown in baseball in 1961, only one year after making his debut.

77-year-old Andy the Clown passed away in 1995. Their performances spanned from 1981 through 1988. They were created by Chicago White Sox owners Jerry Reinsdorf and Eddie Einhorn, who became well-known for the San Diego Chicken and Phillie Phanatic mascots.

Dancing, high fives, and the Southpaw arm wave are some of Southpaw’s favorite pastimes. For his hilarious antics, hip-swinging dancing movements, and fan experiences, as well as his out-of-this-world game-day outfits, he is recognized.


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