During the 1860s, Montreal was a bustling metropolis with a population of more than 100,000 people. People from all walks of life in the colonies called it home, from the very wealthy to the very impoverished.

The Square Mile was an enclave that was located on the southern slope of Mount Royal and was home to a population of English-speaking elites.

About two-thirds of the country’s wealth was owned by these men, who made their money in industries as diverse as beer (John Molson), furs (James McGill), sugar (John Redpath), and flour (the Ogilvies).

Hugh Allan, a shipping entrepreneur, was the wealthiest person in Montreal in the 1800s.

His residence contained thirty-four rooms, and from the bell tower, he had a clear view of the harbor through a brass telescope, where he could monitor the unloading of his ships.

Montreal is not the place that comes to mind when one thinks of mansions for extremely wealthy individuals because the city has a low cost of living in comparison to its great quality of life.

The city does, however, have its fair share of extreme wealth, as seen by the presence of many billionaires.

Who is the Richest Person in Montreal?

Currently, Emanuele (Lino) Saputo is the richest man in Montreal. Forbes estimates that Lino Saputo has a net worth of 5.70 billion US dollars (6.9 billion CAD).

Billionaire Emanuele Saputo, better known as Lino Saputo, moved his cheese business from Sicilian hills to Montreal’s twisting roadways, where it has since grown into a global food manufacturing powerhouse. 

The story of Saputo began in Italy with his cheesemaker father, Giuseppe Saputo, who started the family business. In the 1950s, with Lino still a teenager, the Saputo family moved to Montreal, Canada, where they carried on with their cheese business.

Saputo was established in 1954 by Lino Saputo’s parents, and he later rose to the position of president. After that, the company expanded until it went public for the first time in 1997.

Cracker Barrel, Saputo, and Milk2Go are just a few of the many brand names under which Saputo’s dairy products can be found outside of Canada. Saputo is worth approximately $14 billion at the time of this writing.


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