Actor Doug Jones played William “Billy” Butcherson, a supporting figure and fictitious adversary in the 1993 movie Hocus Pocus and Hocus Pocus 2. He was Winifred Sanderson’s ex-boyfriend, whom she poisoned after discovering that he had been having an affair with Sarah, the youngest sister.

As a ruse to get her spell book back in 1993, Winifred revived Butcherson as a zombie. Billy cherished his relationship with a young woman named Winifred Sanderson when he was first living.

Winifred Sanderson Boufriend

Unfortunately, Winifred poisoned Billy after learning that he was having an affair with her younger sister Sarah. She sewed his mouth shut with a blunt needle so that he would be unable to tell her secrets even after his death.

On May 1, 1693, he passed away. Billy hates Winifred a lot, but they did date while he was still living. Then, Billy became sick of Winifred and started seeing Sarah, the youngest sister.

He is depicted as a somewhat pleasant zombie because he solely aids Binx and the kids rather than working for Winifred. Additionally, he doesn’t appear to care that he is dead and would much rather be dozing off in his grave.

On Halloween three hundred years later, Winifred brought him back to life and gave him the mission of recovering her spellbook from Max Dennison, his sister Dani, his crush Allison, and Thackery Binx.

As they fled via the sewers, Max headbutted Billy. At Max’s parents’ party, the witches take the stage and sing until they practically put the entire room under their spell, causing Max and the others to flee from Billy.

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