Who’s Number 38 on Boston Red Sox?

Who’s Number 38 on Boston Red Sox?

Josh Taylor wears the number 38 Jersey for the Boston Red Sox.

Taylor was acquired from the Arizona Diamondbacks in a trade that sent Deven Marrero to the desert as an afterthought.

Taylor originally arrived in Boston in 2018, spending the season in Portland and demonstrating that he has more potential than we initially imagined.

While the season was a bit of a slog as a fan, and people rightly turned out as we went into the latter third of the season, Taylor actually blossomed at that point and showed some potential while no one was watching.

Unfortunately, he would have a mostly lost year in 2020, as he got off to a slow start due to a positive COVID test and never really regained his stride, pitching only 7 13 unproductive innings in the abbreviated season.

Last season, the southpaw looked a lot like he did in 2019, but he was still learning the ropes. Because he struggled right first, he remained under the radar for many fans.

Taylor appeared in ten games in April, giving up at least one run in five of them, including the first three.

Taylor was able to turn things around and end up having a pretty good season.

He pitched in 61 games, accumulating 47 23 innings, and finished with a 3.40 ERA (75 ERA-, 25 percent better than league average after adjusted for park effects) and an even better 2.83 FIP (67 FIP-).

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