Why did Blake Lively’s dad change his name?

Blake Lively’s dad was once called Ernie Brown but he changed his name to Ernie Lively because he fell in love with Elaine lively and decided to the name Lively on their wedding day.

The first name of Lively is striking. Blake is an uncommon name for a girl, and this, together with her strange and evocative last name, adds to her mystique. Lively’s first name is a bit spooky.

Before she was born, one of her siblings was rummaging through the family tree for names and came across the name of her grandmother’s brother. If the baby is a boy, the family has decided on the name Blake, and if it is a girl, Blakely.

Because the entire family assumed she would be a boy, Lively was given the nickname “Blake” before she was born.

Blakely didn’t appear to fit in as a girl when she came out. Lively also revealed in a Wired Autocomplete interview that the Blake she was named for “was murdered.”

Blake Brown was the name given to Blake Lively when he was born. Ernie Brown, her father, went by the stage name Ernie Lively. He was also a performer. When she first arrived in Hollywood, Lively elected to go by the same stage name.



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