Why Did Dr. Paul Farmer Die?

In the middle of the night, Dr. Paul Farmer succumbed to an abrupt cardiac episode and passed away.

Harvard Medical School professor and Brigham and Women’s Hospital division chief for global health equality, Dr. Farmer held both positions. According to Partners in Health, he penned numerous articles on topics such as human rights, health, and social injustice.

George Q. Daley, dean of Harvard University’s Faculty of Medicine, said in a statement that Paul dedicated his life to improving human health and advocating for health equity and social justice on a global scale.

“Paul was a compassionate physician and infectious disease specialist, a brilliant and influential medical anthropologist, and among the greatest humanitarians of our time perhaps all time.”

One of the founding principles of the non-profit organization Partners in Health is to “offer a preferred alternative for the underprivileged in health care.

” A small community on Haiti’s central plateau, Cange is where the organization got its start before expanding to Africa, Eastern Europe, and Latin America later on.

“Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer,” a nonfiction book by Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Tracy Kidder, was a month-long journey with Farmer as he treated individuals in Haiti, Moscow, and Paris,” Kidder told the Associated Press.

In Kidder’s view, the man was a global icon. A unique ability to see around corners and make connections was one of his defining characteristics.

While he couldn’t cure the world on his own, with the support of his companions, he could demonstrate that it was possible”


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