Lexi Reed is an Indian weight loss and fitness influencer. The 31-year-old fitness influencer became an internet star beginning in 2016, losing more than 300 pounds in less than two years. Lexi and her husband Danny Reed are the power couple behind the Instagram account @fatgirlfedup.

Lexi Reed has lost a large portion of her body weight and acquired more than 1 million Instagram supporters in the beyond five years. She has additionally turned into a social media weight-reduction powerhouse with her better half, Danny Reed, who shed 180 pounds.

The two began their Instagram account as a spot to share their weight reduction venture in 2016. Together they have lost well over a large portion of a ton between them.

Why is Lexi Reed in the Hospital?

Lexi Reed is in the hospital due to organ failure. According to her husband Dany Reed, a few weeks ago she started feeling sick. everything she ate came out and was struggling to keep the food inside her body.

He even said she started acting weird. This is when he decided to take her to the hospital. On examination, doctors rushed her to the ICU where she was put into an Induced Coma and was breathing through a ventilator due to “Organ Failure”


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