Why is Twice so Popular?


With Twice just having another comeback (making it their 4th/3.5th mini-album release) within only two years of debuting, I wondered why Twice is so popular?

Compared to many other similar girl groups, Twice seems to be killing it the most, almost always getting the top of music charts with every song release. Even I myself find TwICE very entertaining.

The twice band which is commonly written as TWICE is a popular South Korean brand which is an all-girl group formed in the year 2015. The band consists of nine members and this band was first formed on the television show ‘Sixteen’ in 2015. They debuted with their first extended play “The Story Begins.”

Why is Twice so Popular?

Twice shot to fame following the release of their single “Cheer Up” after which they rapidly climbed the ladder of success. They have already sold more than 10 million copies of their songs in South Korea and Japan. They are one of the most successful bands not only in Korea but in the world as well.

The band TWICE is a subsidiary of JYP Entertainment. The group is known for giving out happy melodies and lively tones outfits which makes the crowd pull in towards them. The organizer of JYP Entertainment clarifies the justification for naming the band with such a name as the “act having an effect once through the ears and once through the eyes.”

Similarly, as supporters of BTS are known as Army, Blackpink’s adherents are likewise known as Blinks, devotees of TWICE band are known as ‘Once’ signifying “On the off chance that you love us even once, we will reimburse your adoration with two times of our affection.”

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