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Will America Send Soldiers to Fight For Ukraine?

Will America Send Soldiers to Fight For Ukraine?

For starters, Ukraine is not in the immediate vicinity of the United States. It is not located on the border with the United States.

It also does not serve as a military base for the United States. It does not have strategic oil reserves, and it does not have a significant commercial relationship with the United States.

Also, Ukraine is not part of NATO where the United States has a major role as one of its founding members. However, Biden has been very clear on another point: US forces will not be dispatched to Ukraine in order to take part in the conflict there.

Biden previously told NBC News that he would not entertain any scenario that involves sending US soldiers to Ukraine to evacuate Americans. When the United States and Russia start shooting at each other, it’s a world war “he stated.

Even though Biden’s clarification that US troops would not be involved in an offensive operation in Ukraine can help avoid a conflict between the United States and Russia, critics pointed out that the clarification also made it clear to Russian President Vladimir Putin that his forces would face fewer obstacles in their invasion of the country.


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