What Happened To Yaseem Jenkins

Yaseem Jenkins, who was shot many times three years ago while acting as a “human shield” for his father at a heroin deal, has died.

Yaseem Jenkins, who was 11 months old when the incident happened in 2019, died on Tuesday, according to his family’s GoFundMe page. The death of the 3-year-old was confirmed by Philadelphia’s district attorney.

“We’re waiting for the medical examiner’s report on the cause of death, but we have reason to assume the cause of death is his original injuries from the shooting,” Larry Krasner stated during a press conference.

“My heartfelt condolences to Yaseem’s family on his passing. He admitted, “This is a difficult time.”

According to authorities, Yaseem was shot four times while strapped in his vehicle seat as his father, 25-year-old Nafes Monroe, who was driving, went on a heroin deal in Hunting Park using counterfeit money.

According to investigators, the drug dealers were enraged by the bogus money and opened fire. Francisco Ortiz, according to police, was the one who shot Yaseem.

Shots were fired at the baby’s head, torso, and back.

Monroe understood that using bogus money would enrage the drug dealer, so he used the youngster as a “human shield,” according to the district attorney’s office.

Who Was Yaseem Jenkins? Aged 3 Years Old Toddler, Used As A Human Shield By Father, Mother | OLASMEDIATV

Monroe didn’t rush his son to the hospital following the incident, according to Voci.

He was also the person who was not only in the car with his child in danger, but also drove the child to a house instead of immediately taking him to the hospital, then dropped his child off at the hospital and never looked back,” said Voci.

Monroe has already been arrested for violating his probation. He has since been charged with endangering the welfare of a kid and reckless endangerment of another person.


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