What is the Most Popular Jelly Bean Flavor for Easter?

Easter baskets aren’t complete without jelly beans, which are excellent for stuffing into plastic eggs or picking out of the artificial grass at the bottom.

When paired with chocolate bunnies or even colorful hard-boiled eggs, they make an attractive display. More popular jelly bean flavors in the United States than others.

CandyStore.com analyzed more than 10,000 responses to a survey and more than a decade’s worth of candy sales data to determine the most popular flavors of jelly beans in the United States.

Here is a list of the top 5 Most Popular Jelly Bean Flavor for Easter


#1 Cinnamon


Since they’ve had their sights on the prize, cinnamon jelly beans have finally taken the top spot. Cinnamon was the most popular taste in nine states.

Sour, spicy, and salty jelly beans are all getting increasingly popular, according to Candystore.com, and the top three jelly beans reflect this.

In the year 2020, there was not a single sweet or fruity taste that won a medal. One can’t survive just on candy, and jelly beans are a crucial part of many Easter celebrations.

Buttered popcorn

#2 Buttered popcorn


Popcorn with butter was the winner in 2019, but this year it fell to second place. A salty jelly bean flavor is created using this salty snack item. Seven states rank it as the top flavor.

Black licorice

#3 Black licorice

While black licorice used to be the most popular taste in the world, it has maintained stable at No. 3 for the past three years. Six states’ #1 candy is black licorice.


#4 Cherry


Cherry is the ultimate flavor, whether it’s on top of a sundae or in a handful of jelly beans.

Cherry used to be the number one candy in the world, but according to Candystore.com, it has dropped out of the top three. Despite this, six states and the District of Columbia continue to embrace this flavor.


Juicy pear

#5 Juicy pear


A delicious, in-season pear is hard to beat. Even though it’s not a traditional flavor, Candystore.com refers to this as a “new classic” flavor.

In Washington and Wyoming, it’s the most popular flavor of ice cream. Other states where it’s ranked highly include Alabama, Florida, and Vermont.


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