It’s easy to overlook Easter. It can feel like you blink and it’s Valentine’s Day after the chaos of the fall and winter seasons, with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve all occurring in fast succession.

True, by the time March or April rolls around, you may have healed from the Christmas season, but if you’re still taking it easy, having quick, low-stress Easter food ideas on hand for dinners, breakfasts, or brunches is essential.

Depending on your religious affiliation or where you reside, there are a plethora of Easter traditions to choose from. When you’re hosting a gathering of friends, though, a nice meal is a must.

What Food Can I Eat on Easter Sunday?

Easter has become a massive industry in recent years, with one of our newest traditions – giving Easter eggs – being one of the most important.

Last year, a total of  £153 million was spent on chocolate eggs, with the majority of them being Easter eggs for children, according to a Kantar survey.

However, older customs are still alive and well: this year, Easter decorations are in high demand, and hot cross buns cost an average of £37 million.

Easter culinary traditions and presents are more popular than ever before, with everything from the most decadent Easter hampers to customized Easter eggs.

Hot cross buns have undergone a transformation and now come in flavors such as lemon, chocolate, and even cheese and tomato. It’s fascinating to read about the origins of all of this Easter fare.

Here is a list of Food You Can Eat on Easter Sunday


Roast lamb

Slimming World’s leg of lamb with garlic and rosemary

Easter bread

Easter bread

Hot cross buns

Chocolate eggs

Chocolate eggs


Simnel cake

Simnel cake recipe - BBC Food


Easter bunny bakes

Easter Bunny Surprise Pound Cake - Baking Envy



Maple Glazed Carrots (+Video) - The Country Cook


Cooked ham

Easter Ham – GigiZilla

Decorated Easter cakes


DIY Easter Cake

Boiled eggs

Hard Cooked Eggs in the Oven (Baked Eggs) Recipe -


The Pretzel: A Twisted History - HISTORY

Spiced Easter biscuits

Royal Easter Biscuits Recipe | The Royal Family

Polish Chalka

Polish Braided Bread - Chalka - Recipe #177 — In Ania's Kitchen Very  simple, soft, a bit sweet and delicious bread. Looks amazing an… | Braided  bread, Recipes, Food

Lithuanian Vedarai (Potato Sausage)

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Greek Kalitsounia

Kalitsounia II – An Evolving Life





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