What is the Best Chocolate for Easter? Why is Chocolate a Thing for Easter?

What is the Best Chocolate for Easter?

Easter is a delicious, non-optional holiday for all ages, and consuming enormous amounts of chocolate is a delicious, non-optional celebration for all ages.

One of the pleasures of being an adult is being able to choose your own chocolates. Why waste time with a mediocre bar when you can have the best?


We’ve identified the best, most festive chocolates available online, from the classic bunny to one-of-a-kind turtles and hand-painted truffles, for the gourmets out there.

Easter is on April 17th, and all of these delicious chocolaty delicacies aren’t going to eat themselves.

Here is a list of the Best Chocolate for Easter


1. Mixed Jelly Bars & Rings

2. Ultimate Belgian Chocolate Covered Pretzel Twist

3. Milk and Dark Chocolate Oval Easter Box

4. Chocolate Surprise Egg

5. Easter Malt Ball Eggs

6. Creme Eggs in Bunny Bag

7. Chocolate Hazelnut Carrots

9. Large Easter Egg Sampler

10. Chocolate B’Day Truffle Dozen Box

11. Easter Milk Chocolate Turtle – Gift Box of 12

12. Robin’s Egg Caramels

13. Easter Peeps Milk Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Chicks

14. Milk Chocolate Gold Bunny Basket

15. Chocolate Hazelnut Carrots


Why is Chocolate a Thing for Easter?

Since the early days of the church, eggs have been associated with the Christian holiday of Easter, which commemorates Christ’s death and resurrection.

Easter egg rituals, on the other hand, are largely adaptations of old pagan practices associated with spring festivities.

The first Easter eggs were hen or duck eggs that had been dyed and charcoaled at home in vibrant colors. Many civilizations, including Orthodox Christians, continue to dye Easter eggs and decorate them with flowers.

Easter gifts and chocolates were filled into cardboard, ‘plush,’ and satin-covered eggs by the Victorians.

Chocolate In the early nineteenth century were first created in Europe, with France and Germany leading the way. Making milk chocolate eggs, bunnies, and pops.

Due to the lack of a mass-production method for molded chocolate, some early eggs were solid. The first hollow chocolate eggs took a long time to make since the molds had to be lined one by one with paste chocolate.

In small chocolate businesses like The Happy Chocolatier, though, this handcrafted tradition still survives.

Easter and spring are just around the corner, as seen by the advent of chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs of all types.

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