Albert Douglas Morgan, Who Is Piers Morgan’s Son?

Piers’ youngest son, Albert, also known as Bertie, is the sharpest of the bunch.

While attending Wellington College, a prestigious private school in Berkshire, the 19-year-old Bristol University student received an astounding 3 A*s for his A-levels. His Twitter bio states, “Arsenal and Politics.”

Alber and Douglas and his Dad
Alber and Douglas and his Dad

Albert was considering going to Oxbridge, according to The Tab, and claimed it was a “huge decision to make.” He is described as the “fittest and least problematic of the Morgan lads” in the study.

Albert is an Arsenal fan who frequently tweets about the game. He shares what he’s been watching on occasion.

Piers remarked that “the apple fell in a different orchard” because his examinations only yielded an ABC.

The GMB host has spoken up about Bertie’s studies in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

“My youngest kid is at university and he’s been attending online courses,” he explained, “and he said it’s been good, he’s gotten used to it.”

Piers confessed to Susanna Reid in April that Bertie, who does not live with his father, was suffering from coronavirus symptoms.

One of my sons experienced it in a much milder way,” Piers explained. He had lost his sense of taste and smell. and has yet to receive it.



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