Piers Morgan Daughter, Who Is Elise Morgan?

Piers Morgan’s first daughter, Elise Morgan, was born on November 25, 2011.

10-year-old daughter Elise is the daughter of Morgan and his second wife, British writer Celia Walden. She is his lone child and Walden’s firstborn daughter.

Morgan turned to the cameras of ‘Good Morning Britain’ in November 2020 to wish his daughter a happy birthday, which also happened to be his five anniversary at GMB. ”

“I simply wanted to wish Elise, my little girl, a very happy ninth birthday.” Today is my ninth birthday. He remarked on live TV, “She hosted a tremendous socially distant party yesterday – for one person.”

She has a stepmother and three stepbrothers in addition to her biological parents. Piers Shalloe was her father’s first wife.

Albert Morgan, Spencer Morgan, and Stanley Morgan are the names of her three boys.

Elise enjoys wonderful ties with her older brothers, despite the fact that they are from different mothers.

Piers just posted a photo of his daughter wishing her a happy ninth birthday on Instagram. Because he frequently debates and criticizes individuals on television, the public isn’t used to witnessing Piers’ soft side.

His post wowed his followers as well. On Instagram, he rarely mentions her daughter. He tries to keep his personal life out of the spotlight when it comes to his family.


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