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All Detroit Lions Players In The Hall Of Fame: Who Are They?

The Lions, one of the NFL’s oldest franchises, have produced some of the greatest players in the history of the sport. 21 Lions players have been honored in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, as of the 2020 induction ceremony (6 percent of the 346 individuals inducted). 15 of them spent a substantial amount of time in Detroit.

All-time great running back Jimmie Johnson, four of the best defenders in NFL history, and many more outstanding players who helped the Lions win three Super Bowl victories in the 1950s are on this list. The Lions’ dynasty peaked during the 1950s, when they won three championships in a row (1952, 1953, and 1957). There were seven Hall of Famers on the championship teams from Detroit.

The following is a list of every Detroit Lions Hall of Famer who has appeared in at least one game for the team. According to the number of seasons they played in the Motor City.

Player                             Induction Year               Years with Team

Alex Karras                        2020                         1958-1962, 1964-1970
Alex Wojciechowicz          1968                              1938-1946
Barry Sanders                    2004                              1989-1998
Bill Dudley                        1966                              1947-1949
Bobby Layne                     1967                              1950-1958
Calvin Johnson                  2021                            2007-2015
Charlie Sanders                 2007                             1968-1977
Curley Culp                        2013                              1980-81
Dick LeBeau                       2010                              1959-1972
Dick Lane                          1974                               1960-1965
Dick Stanfel                        2016                               1952-55
Doak Walker                       1986                              1950-1955
Earl Clark                           1963                          1931-32, 1934-38
Frank Gatski                       1985                                 1957
Hugh McElhenny                1970                                  1964
Jack Christiansen                1970                              1951-1958
Joe Schmidt                       1973                                1953-1965
John Henry Johnson          1987                               1957-1959
Lem Barney                        1992                               1967-1977
Lou Creekmur                    1996                                 1950-1959
Ollie Matson                      1972                                      1963
Yale Lary                             1979                  1952-1953, 1956-1964

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