Amerie Jo Garza Parents: Who Is Amerie Jo Garza Father? Who Is Amerie Jo Garza Mother?

Amerie Jo Garza

Parents lined up to submit DNA swabs to help identify the corpses of 19 youngsters slaughtered by a shooter at a Texas elementary school, according to disturbing footage.


Before darkness fell, the family members were seen lined up outside an auditorium near Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

Throughout the evening, sobs could be heard as at least five families learned that their children had been killed. The terrible catastrophe has also claimed the lives of two teachers.


Parents had to queue outside the SSGT Willie de Leon Civic Center to provide DNA swabs to aid authorities in identifying the remains of youngsters who may have been rendered unrecognizable following the tragedy.

Parents frantically awaited the return of their children at established meeting points. The parking lot of cars started to drift away as the night progressed.


Makenna Elrod, Uziyah Garcia, nine, and Xavier Lopez, ten, are among the missing children, as are fourth-grade teacher Eva Mireles and another teacher Irma Garcia, as well as Amerie Jo Garza, Eliahana Torres, and Ellie Garcia.

 Who Is Amerie Jo Garza Father?

Angel Garza is Amerie Jo Garza’s father. After his daughter was identified as one of the victims, he paid tribute to her on Facebook.


“Thank you for your prayers and assistance in the search for my kid. She’s been discovered. My tiny angel is now flying with the angels in the sky “Angel Garza penned it.

Who Is Amerie Jo Garza Mother?

Amerie Jo Garza’s mom’s identity is not known currently

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