As long as celebrations like Easter, Christmas, and its related festive seasons continue to surface each year, the fun that comes with it is always undeniable. So many people from close and far, worldwide celebrate these occasions differently. Whiles some celebrate religiously, some eat and drink and make merry.

Easter is here with us again and this year’s occasion will probably be different from the rest. The majority of workers who go on holiday will probably purchase candies and other related foodstuffs. As the purchasing keeps going their choices will undoubtedly include the likes of Peeps, a neon-sugar-coated hallmark of the season.

Are Peeps Only Sold on Easter?

As the festive season rears its head once again, among other candies and bunnies there is one called Peeps. The question what exactly are Peeps?




Peeps are marshmallows marketed in stores and sold in the U. S. and Canada. They are a form of candies shaped into chicks, bunnies, and so on. They are usually known and used to celebrate the festive, especially Easter. So Yes peeps are sold mostly during Easter but it is of much doubt for only Easter. They have expanded into festive occasions like Christmas, Halloweens, and the like.

The product was first introduced by Just Born. A candy manufacturer that was founded in Bethlehem and Pennsylvania by one Sam Born a Ukrainian immigrant.


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