The New York Jets are an American football professional team situated in the greater New York City area. The Jets are a part of the National Football League’s American Football Conference East division.

The jets had 24 different starting Quarterbacks since Namath gave way Richard todd in 1976. JoeNamath is regarded as the best New York starting QB in their history.

Here is a list of the top 5 Best New York jets starting Quarterbacks in history.

1. Joe Namath

As a member of the New York Jets, Namath owns the team record for wins (60), touchdown passes (170), and passing yards (4,509). (27057).

After all these years, Namath remains one of New York Jets’ greatest quarterbacks.

2. Vinny Testaverde

With the Jets, Testaverde had a 35-26 record. A quarterback with 35 victories ranks fourth in the team’s history. Among Jets quarterbacks with a winning record, he has the most victories. With the Jets, Testaverde passed for 12,490 yards and 77 TDs. In the postseason, he went 1-2 as the Jets’ starting quarterback.

3. Chad Pennington

Injuries curtailed Chad Pennington’s early career success with the Jets, and he never achieved his full potential.

With 32 victories under his belt, Pennington is the fifth on the  Jets’ all-time leading scorer at quarterback. A career-high of 13,738 yards and 82 touchdowns were amassed under his watch. In three seasons, Pennington led the Jets to the playoffs, where he won two games.

4. Ken O’Brien

In the history of the New York Jets, Ken O’Brien holds the record for the second-most wins by a team quarterback with 50. He threw for 24,386 yards and 124 touchdowns. O’Brien played in three postseason games and lost each one.

5. Mark Sanchez

Sanchez has passed for 9,209 yards and 55 touchdowns in his career, good for a 27-20 record. The most wins, passing yards, and touchdown passes in the history of the New York Jets are likely to be his.


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