Bobby Crimo is currently a trending fugure who was revealed as the prime suspect of the Chicago Parade shooting that was reported to have killed about 6 individuals and injuring about 24 more victims at the time. Crimo according to the authorities is an individual who has been on the wanted list for a while now.

He is known to drive a 2010 silver Honda fit, he is 22 years of age and several branches of law enforcement have been on the lookout for him for a while. A lot of images of him has surfaced on the internet which even includes his Twitch account details. The license plate of his car has the number indication as ILDM80653. He was considered armed and dangerous. He was known to have been traced and found with the help of the assault rifle he left behind. The rifle was used to collect his fingerprints and detect a lot of info about him at the time.


At the moment, he is known to have released a video on his Twitter account that is known to have given a creepy feeling of outlook. At the hospital at in Highland Park, it was revealed that 25 of the patients treated were gunshot victims. They were ranged from 8 years to 85.

Pictures of Chicago Highland Park Parade Shooter Robert Crimo

Some of the photos of him are;


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