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Breaking News: Emilio Delgado Dies at 81

Emilio Delgado, a beloved Sesame Street singer, and actor died at the age of 81 after a long battle with blood cancer.

Delgado died on Thursday at his home in New York City, surrounded by his family, according to his wife Carol.

According to the magazine, the artist has been receiving medical treatment after being diagnosed with the blood malignancy Multiple Myeloma in December 2020.

Emilio was still working as an actor up until the epidemic, according to Carol, playing the lead in “Quixote Nuevo,” a theater show that had a three-city run before being shut down. In January 2022, he also did some voiceover work.

For a total of 40 years on the ‘Street,’ the beloved Mexican-American actor played Luis, the owner of the ‘Fix-It Shop.’ In the late 1980s, he took a year off from the show but returned a year later.

Throughout his career, he has also appeared in live theater, including certain “Sesame Street” stage productions, as well as at other conventions.

Delgado would continue to represent the workshop at public occasions after his departure, according to the workshop.

Delgado also played Luis in the Sesame Street 50th Anniversary Celebration TV special. In 1968, he started his professional career in Los Angeles.

Delgado and his wife Carole lived in New York City, where he also served on the Board of Directors of the Bayard Rustin Center for Social Justice, an LGBTQIA safe-space, community activist center, and educational bridge dedicated to upholding Bayard Rustin’s goal and good works.

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